Message from Arijit Raychowdhury

Steve W. Chaddick School Chair

It’s my sincere pleasure to share with you the 2021-2022 Georgia Tech School of Electrical and Computer Engineer (ECE) Annual Report. What a transformative year it has been! I’d like to thank the entire ECE community — students, faculty, staff, alumni, corporate and government partners, and friends — for the support you’ve provided me as I transitioned into the role of Steve W. Chaddick School Chair. A change in leadership always entails a significant amount of work and effort, but for it to be successful, trust and encouragement are required. I’m incredibly fortunate and thankful to have been supplied with both in excess.

As you know, we’re living in extraordinary times. With new challenges, we’ve created a new reality — one that hasn’t been perfect — but that still pushes us to excel and thrive. This new normal allows us to learn together again side-by-side, but incorporates the lessons we’ve learned and grace we’ve found through the pandemic.

As you’ll discover while reading this report, ECE’s commitment to excellence has never faltered. This year, we’ve reimagined student support and well-being, continued to publish transformative leading research, and, of course, graduated more electrical and computer engineers than any other institution in the world. And they’re in high demand! We’ve continued to expand and evolve our curriculum threads, which have given ECE students the flexibility to explore and create unique degree experiences. We’ve also bolstered in-demand programs like cybersecurity, machine learning, and robotics.

Excitingly, our hard work has not gone unnoticed. Both of ECE’s undergraduate academic programs rose to their highest-ever positions in the latest U.S. News & World Report Best Colleges rankings. Electrical engineering moved up two places to No. 2, a record high. Computer engineering moved up one spot to No. 4, matching the program’s high set in 2020. Among public universities, Tech’s electrical engineering is the top program in the country for the first time ever.

It’s no wonder that ECE is looked on to contribute to the technological, economic, and social enrichment of the State of Georgia, the nation, and the world. Specifically, ECE is uniquely positioned to train the future microelectronics workforce and develop impactful microelectronics advances with the backing of the recently passed CHIPS Act, as well as other government and corporate microelectronics funding commitments.

Before you settle in with this year’s Annual Report, there’s one thing I would ask of you: spread the word. Share your pride and let others know about the impact of our community. ECE is shaping the future of the world right now. Let’s celebrate it!



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