Georgia Tech Names Sivakumar as Vice President of Commercialization

ECE’s Raghupathy “Siva” Sivakumar was named Georgia Tech’s first vice president of commercialization and chief commercialization officer in September, 2021.

A professor who co-founded multiple technology companies, he was the former co-founder and director of CREATE-X, a Georgia Tech initiative to instill entrepreneurial confidence in students and empower them to launch successful startups.

Sivakumar was serving as chief commercialization officer in an interim capacity since November 2020. He now focuses full-time on the goals ahead, which include bringing together commercialization and technology transfer pursuits across campus to move more intellectual property into the marketplace, expanding Georgia Tech’s global impact.

Georgia Tech Student’s Microchip Startup Reduces Energy Waste, Amplifies Power Systems in 5G Space

Ph.D. candidate Edgar Garay’s doctoral research has led to the creation of a microchip design startup focused on improving energy efficiency. Its ultra-efficient, silicon-based power amplifiers and front-end modules (FEM will be used in 5G technology, the fifth-generation global wireless standard for machines, objects, and devices).

He worked with VentureLab, a program that works with faculty and graduate students to help them commercialize Georgia Tech research and intellectual property. VentureLab, along with CREATE-X, are part of a broader Georgia Tech strategy to foster entrepreneurial confidence in students and faculty and expand the research-to-commercialized startup pipeline.